Our Mission

The mission of the Business Leadership Council is to advocate to Chicago land corporations, non-profits, local, county and state government about the importance of doing significant business with African-American owned firms on a consistent and on-going basis, primarily through organized contacts with the leadership of the entities. The Business Leadership Council believes that all of these entities must recognize the value of working with African American owned businesses and do more to provide contracting opportunities to African Americans doing business in every professional service as well as traditional construction and real-estate related businesses, which benefits the African American community.  Inherent to this mission is the development of young corporate professionals and business owners to become the next generation of corporate and political leaders.

The Purpose:    Influence policies and business practices to increase opportunities for African American inclusion.

The Business: Advocacy through organized contacts with the leadership of corporations, institutions, and with elected officials.

The Values:  Growing African American owned businesses to scale and capacity, advancing the careers of African American corporate professionals, developing the next generation of leadership, raising the standard of living in the community.