The Beginning – History of the Business Leadership Council

In 2010, several prominent African American corporate professionals and entrepreneurs came together and pooled their resources to support African American leadership in politics and business. The group realized that the African American business leaders needed to speak up for the community as well as be a representative voice to advocate for economic parity, effective political representation and with regard to social issues affecting us all, thus the Business Leadership Council was formally organized in February 2011.

Founding Members

Frank Clark

Jim Reynolds

John Rogers

Tony Anderson

Robert Blackwell

Melody Spann-Cooper

Dr. Leon Finney

Hermene Hartman

Elzie Higginbottom

John Hooker

Larry Ivory

Marty King

Paul King, Jr.

Lyle Logan

Lester McKeever

James Montgomery

Ralph Moore

Langdon Neal

Marty Nesbitt

Steve Pugh

Tim Rand

Eric Reeves